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Hardscapes and Retaining Walls

What’s Included in Hardscaping and Retaining Wall Services? At Landscape By Design Of Palmetto, we design beautiful outdoor spaces with the big picture in mind. Adding a hardscape element such as a … Read More...

Landscape Design

Why Should You Hire a Professional Company for Landscape Design Services? Want an attractive, eye-catching garden? Or a colorful landscape that is filled with lush greenery all year round? Do you … Read More...

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

How Can an Irrigation System Improve Your Landscape? If you spend time watering your garden without seeing any real results, the experts at Landscape By Design Of Palmetto are ready to assist you … Read More...

Landscape Lighting

What’s Included in Landscape Lighting Services? Landscape lighting today is more than just for aesthetic appeal; it can actually up the value of your home. At Landscape By Design Of Palmetto, our … Read More...


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